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Mobile PC repairs Bolton
PC repairs Bolton
Mobile laptop repairs Bolton
Laptop repairs Bolton
Laptop repair Bolton
Mobile Computer repairs Bolton
Computer repairs Bolton
Computer repair Bolton



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System Upgrades

Hard Drive

Due to the ever changing nature of software and large files stored on today’s PCs and Laptops such as video files, our hard drives can run out of space. This can cause poor performance and the inability for the hard drive to be defragged. ADS ITsupport can install a new higher capacity hard drive in your machine without any of your Windows settings and programs changing. Your data will be intact and the only difference will be more free disk space and, in some cases, better performance. The price of a new hard drive will vary depending on its capacity and speed.



Upgrading your PC/Laptop’s memory (RAM) is one of the simplest, most efficient and most cost-effective ways to boost performance. Many new computers come with only a bare minimum of memory installed. Adding more RAM can add more zip to your system so you can run more programs at the same time. A memory upgrade can also help speed up internet browsing, video editing and printing large files and presentations.


Graphics Card

For those using 3D graphics games or high graphics design software then, depending on how old your PC is, a graphics card upgrade is a great investment. Also, in order to get the best out of Vista and Windows7 Aero interface, your machine’s graphics card needs to have the guts. Prices for graphics cards vary greatly depending on your own requirements.

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For a friendly and reliable service, contact:

Tony Syddall

PC and Laptop Repairs


07828 186 560

Mon to Sun 8am – 9pm
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