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Mobile PC repairs Bolton
PC repairs Bolton
Mobile laptop repairs Bolton
Laptop repairs Bolton
Laptop repair Bolton
Mobile Computer repairs Bolton
Computer repairs Bolton
Computer repair Bolton



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Laptop Repairs
Laptop Repair & Service Bolton
Laptops can go wrong at any time and usually when it’s inconvenient (especially financially) and buying a new one can prove too expensive. You may have paid a lot of money for your laptop and spent a great deal of time personalising it with software and settings, not to mention storing data on it such as photographs, music etc.
There are many common faults that can occur with laptops caused by accidental damage or simply by wear and tear. ADS ITsupport offers a fast response in Bolton and surrounding areas, with complete laptop repair service at a competitive price on all makes and models. Through professional knowledge and experience ADS ITsupport can put your laptop right and return it to you running like new!
Frequent problems recently found with clients’ laptops
         Damaged LCD Screen
         Failed LCD Inverter
         Busted Hard Drive
         Faulty Power Jack
         Data Loss
         Virus/Malware Infection
         Slow Performance
         Boot Failure
Replacement LCD Screen
Laptop screens are fairly prone to damage often caused by hard or heavy objects being dropped on them. Screen replacement is usually done within 24 to 48 hours from call out depending on the make and model. Some newer models have a longer lead time on delivery due to stock availability. If you desperately need the use of your laptop ADS ITsupport can provide a monitor & set it up with your laptop so you can continue to use it until the new screen has arrived.
Replacement LCD (backlight) Inverter
Perhaps the most frequent laptop screen problem is due to a faulty or worn Inverter which results in a dark screen. It is usually a relatively inexpensive repair with the same lead times and support as applied to screen replacement.
Hard Drive Failure
Laptops are vulnerable to getting knocked about and even dropped due to their portability. Unfortunately these occurrences can damage the hard drive beyond repair. ADS ITsupport will replace the old hard drive and re-install the operating system, normally within 24 hours. ADS ITsupport provides a Data Recovery Service and in most cases data from the old hard drive can be recovered and transferred to the new hard drive if you require it.
Power Jack Problems
Power Jacks (the socket that your charger plugs into) can start to fail over time which normally means a replacement Power Jack is needed. The most frequent symptom is the power adaptor pin sitting loosely in the socket often causing an intermittent power supply resulting in slow charging of the battery. ADS ITsupport can usually replace a Power Jack within 24 to 48 hours.
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For a friendly and reliable service, contact:

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