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"Malware" is a phrase used for any software that gets installed on your machine, performing unwanted tasks without your consent,
 often for some third party's benefit or purely for mischief.

Malware is often divided into some of the following:

  • Viruses - Software that can replicate itself and spread to other computers or are programmed to damage a computer by deleting files, reformatting the hard disk, or using up computer memory.

  • Adware - Software that is financially supported (or financially supports another program) by displaying ads when you're connected to        the Internet.

  • Spyware - Software that secretly gathers information and transmits it to interested parties. The type of information that is gathered  includes the Web sites visited, browser and system information.

A computer infected by Malware may suffer from many symptoms, some that you may not even be aware of due to the stealth like behaviour
that many adopt by design.

Common symptoms include:

  • Computer has slowed down considerably
  • Computer will no longer boot into windows
  • Files are corrupt, missing or won’t open
  • Mysterious files are created
  • Windows keeps rebooting without your intervention
  • Windows stops functioning & displays the “Blue Screen of Death”
  • The system locks up entirely & a forced restart is needed
  • Anti-virus/anti-spy program will no longer update
  • Applications keep crashing
  • Pop-up ads keep appearing on your screen
  • Changes to your desktop appearance without your intervention
  • People receive e-mails from you that you haven’t sent
  • Your web-browser homepage has changed for no apparent reason

Please be aware that although the above symptoms may be common for a computer infected by some sort of malware, there may be other causes.

It is extremely important these days that you have an Anti-virus program installed on your machine and that it is up to date with the latest virus signature. The best way to do this is by ensuring that the automatic updates function is enabled.

If you have any concerns that your machine may be infected, please don’t hesitate to give me a call.

For a friendly and reliable service in Bolton and surrounding areas, contact:
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For a friendly and reliable service, contact:

Tony Syddall

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07828 186 560

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