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Mobile PC repairs Bolton
PC repairs Bolton
Mobile laptop repairs Bolton
Laptop repairs Bolton
Laptop repair Bolton
Mobile Computer repairs Bolton
Computer repairs Bolton
Computer repair Bolton



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PC Builds

There comes a time when it is no longer economical to repair or upgrade your computer and buying a new one has to be considered buying. When this is the case it is worth having a custom computer built to tailor your needs rather than purchasing a manufactured PC from the big guys.


  • ADS ITsupport can build a better computer for use in your home or small business.

  • Each component fitted into the PC is of high quality, genuine and from reputable suppliers.

  • When built, the computer is fully tested to make sure it reaches you in proper working order.

  • The system will be built to satisfy your requirements; whether it is for basic internet surfing and emailing to high-end enthusiast gaming, or for a business workstation.

  • Have a computer built that can be upgraded to grow with your home or office.

  • In the unlikely event there is a failure, you won’t have to send the PC away and wait days or weeks for it to be repaired.

  • Each component in the PC has its own separate warranty instead of a single 1 yr standard guarantee. eg) Most Hard Drives carry 3-5 year warranties; Motherboards come with 1-3 years warranty and Memory usually carries a lifetime guarantee.

  • You won’t pay through the nose for extra warranty you will probably never use, because I don’t sell it!

  • I do not subsidise the cost of systems by installing any Spyware, Adware, Malware or Crapware!

  • Should a component fail, that is out of warranty, it won’t cost you an arm and a leg for its replacement. If you ever actually do need service and support, I will be right there to help you.

Systems built range in price depending on your requirements and the cost of components used.
If this sounds like a computer you want for yourself, a member of your family, or sounds like a sound investment for your business, please give me a call, tell me your requirements, give me your budget, and it will be built, tested and delivered in less than one week.
 For a friendly and reliable service in Bolton and surrounding areas, contact:
Tony Syddall by phone on 07828 186560 Mon to Sun 8am – 9pm

For all your Laptop and PC Repairs in Bolton call Tony Syddall on 07828 186560 and I will come out to you.

For a friendly and reliable service, contact:

Tony Syddall

PC and Laptop Repairs


07828 186 560

Mon to Sun 8am – 9pm
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