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Mobile PC repairs Bolton
PC repairs Bolton
Mobile laptop repairs Bolton
Laptop repairs Bolton
Laptop repair Bolton
Mobile Computer repairs Bolton
Computer repairs Bolton
Computer repair Bolton



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PC Health Check

After time your PC starts to slow down taking what seems like forever to open files, programs and web pages when browsing the internet. As I well know, this can be extremely annoying and frustrating.

Corrupt files & redundant temporary files soon build up on your hard drive as well as dust collecting inside your PC. Adding & removing software can eventually cause a messy registry. All these factors accumulate rendering your PC to run slowly, inefficiently and in some cases freezing up, until it becomes a chore to use.

PC Health Check List:

  • Check power supply input
  • Check integrity of all peripheral ports
  • Internal PC valet (desktops)
  • Key board valet (if appropriate)
  • Check network cards are working properly
  • Clean the hard drive of unwanted files that clutter up your system & slow it down
  • Ensure virus signature is up to date
  • Scan for & remove Malware
  • Scan for registry errors & repair
  • Defrag hard drives
  • Scan hard drives for damaged sectors
  • Create a system restore point where possible
  • Ensure Java is up to date

Just as a car engine needs a tune up – so does your PC. That’s why a PC health check becomes a necessity if your machine is to be a pleasure to use again - like it was on the day you first bought it!

If you would like your PC working like new again, give me a call & I’ll come & collect it from you then deliver your tuned machine back to you the next day.

For a friendly and reliable service in Bolton and surrounding areas, contact:
Tony Syddall by phone on 07828 186560 Mon to Sun 8am – 9pm
For all your Laptop and PC Repairs in Bolton call Tony Syddall on 07828 186560
and I will come out to you.


For a friendly and reliable service, contact:

Tony Syddall

PC and Laptop Repairs


07828 186 560

Mon to Sun 8am – 9pm
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